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We Produce a range of Rhododendron from the small Dwarf Species up to large growing Hybrids, in a variety of colours. The Crops are monitored very carefully throughout the growing season in order to produce compact plants, the staff will pinch out tips regularly at the liner stage and a strict spray programme is carried out to keep the crop healthy. Good Range available from August to March.

Cold Sto


Rhododendron 2014


1-Rhododendron-Wendy-5L 2-Rhododendron-Titian-Beauty-5L 3-Rhododendron-Cunninghams-White-5L

4-Rhododendron-Holden-5L 5-Rhododendron-Impeditum-5L 6-Rhododendron-Percy-Wiseman-5L

7-Rhododendron-Roseum-Elegans-5L 8-Rhododendron-Ramapo-5L 9-Rhododendron-Morning-Red-5L


Plant NameHabitAvailable InFlowering PeriodComments
Azalea Geisha OrangeDwarf10LtrMid April
Azalea Geisha LilacDwarf4.5Ltr10LtrMid April
Azalea Rosalind (Pink)Dwarf4.5Ltr10LtrMid April
Azalea Mary Helen (White)Dwarf4.5Ltr10LtrMid April
Azalea Silver Sword (Red)Dwarf4.5LtrMid AprilAvailable in Spring 2013
Rhododendron Baden Baden (Red)Dwarf10LtrMid March
Rhododendron Cat. Grandiflorum (Lilac)Hybrid4.5Ltr10LtrMid May
Rhododendron Cunningham's White (White)Hybrid4.5Ltr10LtrMid May
Rhododendron Goldflimmer (Purple)Hybrid4.5Ltr10LtrLate May
Rhododendron Gristede (Blue)Dwarf4.5LtrMid March
Rhododendron Holden (Red)Hybrid4.5Ltr10LtrEarly May
Rhododendron Impeditum (Purple)Dwarf4.5LtrMid March
Rhododendron Molten Gold (Purple)Hybrid4.5LtrEarly May
Rhododendron Morning Red (Red)Yaks.4.5Ltr10LtrMid March
Rhododendron Percy Wiseman (Pink)Yaks.4.5Ltr10LtrLate May
Rhododendron Ramapo (Violet)Dwarf4.5LtrMid March
Rhododendron Roseum Elegans (Pink)Hybrid4.5LtrLate May
Rhododendron Dreamland (Pink)Yaks.4.5LtrMid May
Rhododendron Scarlet Wonder (Red)Dwarf4.5Ltr10LtrMid March
Rhododendron Sneezy (Pink)Yaks.4.5LtrMid April
Rhododendron Titian Beauty (Red)Yaks.4.5Ltr10LtrMid March
Rhododendron Kalinka (Pink)Yaks.4.5Ltr10LtrMid April
Rhododendron Wendy (Red)Dwarf4.5LtrMid March

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