Viking Nurseries Newsletter Week 49

Welcome to our weekly Newsletter for Week 49

Its a beautiful winter's day in Colton. Only three weeks to go now until Christmas and the 'Viking Christmas Collection' has proved to be a great success. We continue to highlight the collection but availability is now limited so we strongly recommend that you order without delay!

We have added some more varieties to the list this week - Camellia, Euonymus and lots of 4.5ltr conifers so take a look.

Picea Albertiana Conica 5Ltr H50-60cm

Christmas Tree

Our successful Picea Conica is back on the availability, supplied in 5Ltr red shiny pots, throughout the years has proven to be a really good seller.

18 plants per shelf - 60 plants per trolley

Availability is now limited so we strongly recommend that you order without delay!

​​​​​​​Abies Nordmanniana 4.5Ltr

Better known as the "Nordmand Fir" this tree delights in winter with its glossy rich green foliage and distinct reddish-brown winter buds. A great variety to stock and to offer to your customers. 21 Plants per shelf - 63 Plants per trolley

​​​​​​​Abies Nordmanniana 2Ltr with Pot Cover

This Nordmand comes with a Christmas pot cover including a practical handle to help customers carrying it to the till!

Sold in trays of 8, 5 trays per shelf

160 plants per trolley

Picea glauca Albertiana Conica 10Ltr


The perfect cone-shaped conifer which has bright green new growth.

Comes with our attractive Christmas label.

10 Plants per shelf - 30 Plants per trolley

Helleborus 'Happy Day' 1.4ltr

'Happy Day' has large white outward facing flowers with a yellow centre, flowering from mid Winter to Spring. These are super little plants, perfect for Christmas.

Supplied in 1.4Ltr Pots - 8 plants per tray - 5 trays per shelf

Conifer Collection

Chamaecyparis pis. 'Baby Blue Chamaecyparis pis.'Filifera Sungold'

A bright electric blue, neat conifer Mound forming conifer with yellow with soft dense foliage. thread-like foliage.

Thuja occ. 'Golden Tuffet' Thuja occ. 'Jantar' Dwarf rounded conifer with an Bright yellow, conical conifer Autumn-orange tinge retaining is bright colour

all winter long.

Thuja occ. 'Danica' Picea glauca 'Echiniformis' Dwarf, round-shaped conifer, Blue/grey dwarf conifer

low maintenance variety ideal as an with natural rounded habit.

alternative for Buxus.

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Use the trolley calculator in the Excel version of the Availability List to help you. Your trolley will build as you tap the number of plants into the order form. Make sure you get as near to a round number as possible or we may need to contact you to add to your order.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Have a good week everybody!

Kind regards

Sam Nock

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