Viking Nurseries Newsletter Week 10

Welcome to our weekly Newsletter for Week 10

We have had another exceptionally busy week for this time of the year. Sadly the warm weather has disappeared for now and its 8 degrees - a little bit more like the norm!

Due to the popularity of the new 2ltr range we have seen a couple of varieties sell out but do not fear, we have lots more to offer on the list and more varieties to add as they become available. There are some more additions to the 4.5ltr range of shrubs on this week's Availability List too so look out for those.

2 Litre Shrub Collection

36 plants per shelf, 6 shelves per trolley

Azalea 'Johanna'

The Johanna Azalea is an evergreen shrub that produces masses of red ruffled blooms. ... Spring and summer provide crimson coloured flowers with dark green foliage while autumn and winter bring warm, red foliage. Johanna is a hardy shrub that is densely branched.

Cistus 'Sunset'

Commonly known as the Rock Rose or Sun Rose, this low growing shrub has grey-green wavy edged evergreen foliage.

From June to August the bright pink, tissue-paper blooms are borne in abundance, each lasting just a day, before a new bloom opens to take its place.

Escallonia 'Gold Ellen'

Gold Ellen is a compact evergreen shrub with bright golden yellow new growth making a central splash of green in the border. Large heads of upright rosy pink flowers are produced in late Summer.

Hypericum 'Hidcote'

'Hidcote' is a small bushy semi-evergreen shrub with narrowly ovate leaves. Flowers saucer-shaped are bright yellow with orange anthers.

Santolina 'Chamaecyparissus'

A small and compact evergreen aromatic shrub with a woody base, this attractive plant produces many long, wiry, stems with small, downy, alternate, deeply lobed leaves along their length. This gives the whole plant a silvery-grey-green appearance.

Each of the stems terminates in a small, solitary, button-like bright-yellow

surrounded by downy bracts.

Viburnum 'Eve Price'

An attractive shrub, Viburnum tinus creates a lovely informal effect. The flower clusters of this evergreen Viburnum attract a number of insects, whilst the compact foliage offers cover for birds and the berries provide a welcome source of food,

giving additional wildlife interest.

Conifer Collection

Conifers available in all shapes, sizes and colours; a fantastic range for your benches. Available in 1.4 ltr, 4.5 ltr and 10ltr pots.

To place your orders, please call Fabio on 07775 596655, Sam on 01603 882196 or email


Please remember you can order at any time. Orders placed before 3pm on a Monday will be delivered the same week. Orders received after this will be delivered the following week.

Use the trolley calculator in the Excel version of the Availability List to help you. Your trolley will build as you tap the number of plants into the order form. Make sure you get as near to a round number as possible or we may need to contact you to add to your order.

Please may we bring to your attention to the delivery costs on our Availability List.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Have a good week everybody!

Kind regards

Sam Nock

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