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Welcome to our weekly Newsletter for Week 12

As expected, our Phormium Collection has been an instant success.The Phormium is a great way of adding exotic style, colour and background structure plus all year round interest to the garden making it a very popular addition to your plant areas. We can supply Jester, Golden Ray and Yellow Wave in 4.5ltr pots: 21 per shelf and 84 per trolley.

Phormium 'Golden Ray'

Clump-forming evergreen shrub with wide, beautifully variegated leaves with a central green band, yellow margins and red edging. They look stunning used in planters as a central focus, or used in mixed borders as an accent plant. In summer, spikes of yellow flowers may appear on mature plants.

Phormium 'Jester'

Dwarf, evergreen shrub displaying clumps of upright pink linear leaves with green edges. Sometimes produces tubular, dull red flowers from July to August.

Good focal plant in containers or a border.

Phormium 'Yellow Wave'

A medium sized shrub growing to about 150cm tall with arching wide green leaves and a central yellow band that fades to green in the autumn. Ideal to provide year round interest in a border or as a colourful low maintenance pot or container plant on a deck or patio.

2 Litre Shrub Collection

36 plants per shelf, 6 shelves per trolley

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Please remember you can order at any time. Orders placed before 3pm on a Monday will be delivered the same week. Orders received after this will be delivered the following week.

Use the trolley calculator in the Excel version of the Availability List to help you. Your trolley will build as you tap the number of plants into the order form. Make sure you get as near to a round number as possible or we may need to contact you to add to your order.

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Have a good week everybody!

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