Viking Nurseries Newsletter Week 15

Welcome to our weekly Newsletter for Week 15

We are nearly there...

We are so excited to show you a sneak peek at our Spring flowering Hydrangeas. This is our first year and we are so proud of the results and what has been achieved. The plants are looking really strong, healthy and have a generous spread of flower buds.

We are confident in colour showing within the next 2 weeks so perfectly timed for the Easter Bank Holiday.

For those of you who have pre-ordered these, we will contact you to confirm delivery and for those who have not? We strongly recommend you contact us so as not to miss out on this great opportunity to bring colour to your plant areas!

Pieris Collection

Available in 4.5Ltr and 10Ltr

As promised from last week, this is an update on the current stage of where the Pieris is today and you have to agree...they look stunning!

Berberis Thunb. 'Orange Rocket'

Available in 4.5Ltr

Berberis Thunbergii Orange Rocket has a compact, upright growth habit and provides interest throughout the year with it's brightly coloured foliage. Each Spring, the new growth is a vibrant orange colour. This is followed by small yellow flowers and minute red berries, adored by the birds, bees and butterflies. The vivid foliage, green in high summer, gradually develops into deep red, eventually turning fiery orange red in autumn.

Rhododendron Update

For those customers who have reserved Rhododendrons they are now being moved into the cool store to hold them back from flowering. We would recommend you contact us to confirm when you would like these to be delivered.

Don't Forget about our great new 2Ltr shrub collection!

To place your orders, please call Fabio on 07775 596655, Sam on 01603 882196 or email


Please remember you can order at any time. Orders placed before 4.30pm on a Monday will be delivered the same week.

Orders received after this will be delivered the following week.

Use the trolley calculator in the Excel version of the Availability List to help you. Your trolley will build as you tap the number of plants into the order form. Make sure you get as near to a round number as possible or we may need to contact you to add to your order.

Please may we bring to your attention to the delivery costs on our Availability List.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Have a good week everybody!

Kind regards

Sam Nock

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