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Winter Interest Trolley This week we present a fantastic selection of plants to brighten up your plant areas. We have put together a trolley mix of 2ltr shrubs and 4.5ltr Helleborus, shrubs and conifers. Just order the Winter Interest Trolley and let us do the work !

Helleborus 4.5ltr

1 x shelf (21 plants) Helleborus 4.5 litre 11 and 10 of each of the following varieties: Helleborus Spring Promise Anja Odoulf with bud and stunning yellow flowers with delicate raspberry veins Helleborus Spring Promise Lily with bud and double white flowers with rich raspberry-pink detailing and a central flare

The stunning 'Spring Promise Helleborus 'Lily'

The beautiful Spring Promise Helleborus 'Anja Adoulf'

Conifers - 4.5ltr

2 x shelf (42 plants) Looking Good 4.5 litre Conifers 7 of each of the following: Juniperus sq. Holger low spreading conifer Microbiota decussata ground cover conifer Picea glauca Conica perfect cone shaped conifer Pinus mugo Pumilio dwarf Mountain Pine Taxus baccata Summergold ground cover variegated Yew Thuja occ. Rheingold rounded conifer with green/orange foliage

Taxus baccata Summergold

Pinus mugo Pumilio

Microbiota decusatta

Shrubs - 2ltr

1 x shelf 2 litre (36 plants) Popular Shrubs 12 of each of the following: Escallonia Gold Ellen nice shaped evergreen shrub with yellow leaves splashed with green. Clusters of large pink flowers in late summer. Cistus Alan Fradd dense, rounded, evergreen shrub with mid-green leaves bearing white flowers with a dark purple blotch in summer. Choisya ternata wonderfully scented, star-shaped, white flowers appear in late spring among glossy, aromatic green leaves.

Cistus Alan Fradd

Choisya Ternata

Shrubs - 4.5ltr

1 x shelf (21 plants) Topical Winter Interest 4.5 litre shrubs for Planteria HotSpots 7 of each of the following: Viburnum tinus Eve Price with bud and beautiful white flowers against dark green foliage Viburnum tinus French White with bud and flattened white flowers, bushy, evergreen shrub with glossy, ovate, dark green leaves Rhododendron Tortoiseshell Orange budded dense, upright, evergreen shrub with deep green leaves and orange flowers in early summer

Rhododendron Tortoiseshell Orange

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Remember you can order at any time but please note that if you order on a Monday we may not be delivering the same week.

Use the trolley calculator in the Excel version of the Availability List to help you. Your trolley will build as you tap the number of plants into the order form. Make sure you get as near to a round number as possible or we may need to contact you to add to your order.

Please may we bring to your attention to the delivery costs on our Availability List.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Have a good week everybody!

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