By phone: 01603 882196

By fax: 01603 881481

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Minimum order

South, Midlands & South Yorkshire: 1cc trolley (free).  

Cornwall, Devon, Wales & North England: 1-5cc £20 each, 6cc+ free.

Scotland: 1-5cc £20, 6cc+ free.

Ireland & Northern Ireland: POA.

Local garden centres within 40 miles radius minimum order 80 plants.

Cool store

A cool store facility has been added to our fully mechanised nursery which will allow us to extend the sales period of our Rhodos and Azaleas by delaying the flowering time, enabling us to keep a full range of plants available throughout spring and early summer. 


All plants come with a free picture label with description and expected size in 10 years. Pre-pricing and barcodes added on request. 


Subscribe to our weekly availability list by writing subscribe to and we will keep you updated with all the news and offers available. 

Sample van

To request a visit to your garden centre from our sample van, please contact Fabio our Sales Manager on 07775 596655.


Order anytime via email to, fax 01603 881481 or by telephone during office hours (8am-5pm).  Please note that if you order on a Monday we may not be delivering the same week.

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